Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just A Glimpse...

... of what I've been up to!!!

I know this little blog has been a tad bit neglected lately- I've been patiently waiting for Christmas cards to go out so that I could post all of the fun sessions that I've been up to, so stay tuned for those! Looking back at 2011, I feel incredibly blessed to be doing what I love & I can't wait to see what 2012 brings!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Avery: {Navarre Beach}

I've been able to photograph my sweet little niece since she was able to fit in a drawer...

... and she definitely won't fit in a drawer anymore! Anytime we have the chance to hangout with the Davis clan, a photo session is always included on the agenda and this years beach trip was no different! Avery was the perfect little model, showing off the latest creation by her very talented mama, Courtney. Again, as you can see, she's all grown-up now!

I can't wait to meet this little bun in the oven in just a few short weeks. Who knows, I just may be sticking her in a drawer too:)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Gabriella Kate: {Newborn}

Giddiness... that pretty much describes how I felt when asked to help document such a special time for such a special family! It was an honor to be able to help capture Miss Gabriella as a newborn along with her big sister & brother, Stella Grace & Luke, who are 21 month-old twins. Was it crazy at times? Absolutely - there may or may not have been some flying books involved! However, we also had some sweet-filled moments:) We did a little bit of everything from candid moments to studio shots & Gabriella was a D-R-E-A-M baby the whole afternoon- she made my job too easy. The Harden's even treated me a great dinner afterwards, which was the perfect way to cap off our day- sitting around the dinner table sharing life. I miss you guys and can't wait to do it all over again!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Witherow Family: {Driftwood Beach}

I'm not really sure where to start... I left this session praying that I got a few good shots. The conditions were anything but ideal: It was crazy hot, the wind was weird at times (and not a good 'cooling' wind), & lastly the horse flies were A-W-F-U-L!!! On top of all that, I couldn't find the part of Driftwood Beach I wanted to be at. I felt like we were at Driftwood Beach without the driftwood:)

The Witherow's were super troopers and willing to do anything I asked of them, however Nora had her own agenda, so I just ran with it & after her! I loved watching her explore and take it all in, but more on that in a bit. Kara & Patrick, thanks again for enduring the heat & bugs all for me to scout a new location- you're the best!

Proof: These were taken at the end of the session... 95 degrees at 8:14 PM!!! Yowzers!!!
One of my personal favorites- I think it looks like a cover of a magazine.

As I mentioned before, most of this session was spent chasing Nora around as she took in her surroundings. She hadn't been to the beach since she'd started walking & she was truly in awe of the water- she was just drawn to it. We'd move her up the beach, take a few pictures, but slowly she always worked her way back to the waters edge to stare at the ocean. She was truly mesmerized by the water & I could just see her trying to take it all in. The ocean makes a great comparison to the love of God- it's vast, deep, & unending. Sometimes, like Nora, all we can do is stand in awe, which we should do- what a gentle reminder- thanks Nora!

'To write the love of God above would drain the ocean dry.'   -F. Lehman

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Little Reives: {6 Months}

Well, I can't think of a sweeter family to debut my inaugural post for Brooke Davis Photography! I was able to photograph the precious Glendye Family down at Forsyth Park before we moved away from Savannah. Reives had chubby cheeks for days and was a bundle of sweet smiles & squeals mixed in with a lot of drool. Thanks Glendye's for such a great time!